Pandemic has led to innovation for KeCo

Tackling the coronavirus crisis and lockdown has led to KeCo Foodservice Packaging Ltd to re-tailor its operations to meet demand from customers.

KeCo have introduced a new pub cupholder for carrying multiple pints as an aid to social distancing and has fulfilled orders for 10 tons of hand sanitiser.

Sales and marketing director John Young said the restrictions had been hard-hitting for everyone: 

“The way we run our business has, like many others, changed but we’re doing all we can to adapt to the challenges and focus our skills and channel our expertise into developing and delivering packaging concepts which suit the ‘new norm’ for so many operators now.

“Lockdown has greatly impacted the markets we serve, especially the hospitality industry, so we took the decision to keep our site open in order to be able to respond to our customers as they navigate through the crisis.”

Mr Young said: “We’ve experienced demand for packaging products from a plethora of businesses as they alter their usual operations to try and survive. In particular, supplying product to cash and carries has increased significantly in response to the many businesses who have chosen to offer a takeaway service in order to keep operating.”

KeCo has more than 40 years’ experience in food packaging and is one of the UK’s leading carton board packaging manufacturers.

It has been developing specific products as a consequence of the new normal, with sandwich platters and trays, carry packs and cup carriers particularly popular.

Pubs have been re-opening and adapting the way their sites cater to the general public resulting in the manufacture of bespoke products to specifically suit outdoor drinking.

Mr Young said: “Despite lockdown restrictions easing in some areas, the way in which pubs and bars once functioned has changed dramatically.

“To help establishments return to some normality, demand for packaging which assists with socially distanced outdoor drinking has very much become the order of the day.

“Our new cup carriers allow multiple pints to be carried safely once poured – reducing contact by the person serving and by the person ordering.”

At the beginning of lockdown KeCo used its factory setup to fulfil mass orders of hand sanitiser for a limited number of its customers. Ten tons of hand sanitiser, in five litre containers, made its way through the factory.