Environmental best practice rewarded

KeCo rewarded for environmental best practice

We’re dedicated to operating responsibly and sustainably and have implemented the necessary steps to ensure we recycle the majority of waste materials used in our manufacturing.  Our Operations Director, Jamie Kearns, tells us more:

“As a leading manufacturer of carton board to the UK foodservice and hospitality markets, we recognise the perceived effect packaging manufacturing has on the world we live in.  With consumer attitudes ever-changing and awareness of the environment hugely topical, the demands of our customers change; and so we acknowledge how environmental responsibility affects the entire supply chain.  We’re committed to placing the environment at the top of our business agenda, designing our factory setup with efficiency in sustainability in mind and choosing to manufacture products using environmentally friendly processes, taking into account their entire lifecycle – from concept, to manufacture and beyond.”

Our disposables are made from FSC and PEFC approved paper material, sourced from ethically responsible manufacturers; and we’ve designed our manufacturing and business processes to ensure we recycle not just all waste materials but all manufactured process waste too.  Every product is designed to ensure minimum waste is generated during manufacture, whilst promoting the use of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.  This is without compromising the quality of the finished product.

We recycle everything – from the ink containers we use in the design and printing stages of manufacture as well as print plates; to IBC containers (varnish), 25kg plastic drums, pallets and pallet wrap (which is baled and recycled).  All paperboard used is 100% recyclable and any waste board is collected for local recycling.    

We’ve been recognised for our efforts to reduce the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment with ISO14001, an international accreditation and globally recognised standard for environmental best practice.  Jamie explains:

“Quality matters; and investing in quality is critical to our business.  This is why we believe in the importance of the quality standards for packaging – especially for the products we manufacture for the demanding foodservice and hospitality sectors.  We’re committed to understanding the importance of the environmental impact of our products, and are proud to have successfully achieved ISO14001 accreditation – an internationally recognised quality standard which specifically acknowledges commitment to environmental best practice.”