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An App for Dynamic Promotion

The KeCo KARROT app is an innovative mobile application, combining a marketing platform, enabling the promotion of brands, products, business and services though AR (Augmented Reality). Dynamically delivers interactive content for engaging communication to help propel a brand, support sales initiatives, awareness, profile and much, much more.

The App also contains a dedicated QR scanner, a campaign manager platform and analytics to provide real-time analysis.

Download the Trigger pack below for a demonstration, and to invoke an augmented reality action. Ensure you have WiFi or Mobile Data connection, tap the viewfinder icon, locate the printed item, frame the area which is enabled in the camera view and ‘hey presto’! Some actions open web pages, others stream videos and some have a surprise in store by overlaying multimedia in the real world!

For QR codes, use the QR Code icon found on the home screen and line up your QR Code within the frame. Not all QR Codes will be enabled, but those derived from campaigns with KeCo will work.

Download the Trigger pack! Enjoy the wonders of AR and experience a whole new world on your print and packaging ……..

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play





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