StrEAT’s Ahead

StrEAT’s Ahead

Our new StrEAT™ range of 100% recyclable* and biodegradable kraft paper disposables provides operators with a modern and contemporary environmentally-friendly serving solution for consumers wanting to eat on-the-go.

Part of our KeCo Friendly range – products which are made from materials that are better for the environment – StrEAT™ is manufactured in the UK from FSC accredited virgin material. Choose from seven premium quality containers to suit food from some of the world’s most popular cuisines; whether hot or cold, sweet or savoury.  

StrEAT™ is inspired by the popularity of global cuisine and the continued street food trend, giving caterers a versatile and functional packaging choice to complement the serving of a variety of freshly made international foods – from fiery Thai noodles and spicy Mexican burritos, to traditional American-style hot dogs and oh-so British fish and chips!

*Conforms to EN13432, the European standard which recognises the compostability of packaging.

CLICK HERE to download the StrEAT™ Product Spec Sheets